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iClicker 2 Workshop (Workshop)

Thursday August 28, 2014
8:00am - 9:30am
Budig Hall, Small PC Lab
The classroom response clicker uses hand-held technology to facilitate student engagement with course content and provide a snapshot view of learner understanding during class. When students submit their votes (answers to questions posed by the instructor) using the clicker pad, the responses are picked up by a small receiver unit plugged into a computer. These responses are recorded and collated, and the aggregated data may be displayed on-screen as a bar graph or pie chart. This gives immediate feedback to students and the instructor about the learning in that class. The grade information can also be uploaded to the Blackboard Grade Center. This workshop will cover the basics of using the iClicker, along with a number of teaching strategies.
Contact: 785-864-2600, bbsupport@ku.edu
Department: Information Technology Events
Ticket Cost: Free