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Research Matchmakers: Connecting Undergraduate Research with Community Needs (Workshop)

Friday February 14, 2014
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Spooner Hall, The Commons
Instructors: the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Center for Civic & Social Responsibility invite you to attend our spring Matchmakers event. We will be discussing and brainstorming how to match undergraduate courses with research projects that benefit the community (community-based research). We will also address how students, through courses that include community-based research, can complete Core Goal 5. Research Matchmakers will be an informational workshop about CBR. We will give a more comprehensive explanation of CBR, provide some examples, and describe how our respective offices can support instructors interested in doing CBR in their courses. The second part of the event will be loosely modeled after a round of speed-dating, where faculty members and community partner representatives pair up for several minutes to brainstorm possible CBR collaborations. Please preregister for the event at https://ccsr.ku.edu/matchmakers-research.