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Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Workshop: Jacob Rapp (Workshop)

"Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Literary Approaches to Interdisciplinarity"

Wednesday February 12, 2014
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Hall Center, Seminar Room
Novels, poetry, and plays often fall to the end of most graduate students' reading lists when they tackle coursework, exam preparation, and independent research, but this presentation will show the advantages that emerge when students from all disciplines engage with literature more frequently. We will explore how the insights and discoveries from the social sciences have enriched the discussion of literature and how literary studies have inspired theories of social, moral, and aesthetic activity. Drawing on his interest in literary theory and his dissertation research on Mexican fiction, in this presentation Jake Rapp will show how contemporary studies of nationalism, economics, and computer science yield new insights from well-known literary texts, and at the same time how literature has contributed to new conceptions of gender norms, memory, and human rights.
Contact: 785-864-4798, hallcenter@ku.edu
Department: Hall Center for the Humanities

Open to graduate students only. Lunch provided. RSVP required by February 5 to hallcenter@ku.edu.