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Exploring non-linear associations between nurse staffing and patient assaults in psychiatric units using cubic splines in a three-level generalized mixed model for longitudinal, clustered, over-dispersed count data (Colloquium)

Vincent Staggs

Friday December 06, 2013
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Watson Library
I will discuss restricted cubic splines and methods for modeling clustered, non-Gaussian data in the context of a study of violence on psychiatric units in 255 U.S. hospitals. Topics will include exposure and offset variables, detecting and dealing with over-dispersion, SAS's GLIMMIX Procedure, and measures of model fit and explanatory power. The talk will be geared toward applied researchers, with emphasis on concepts and practice rather than on statistical theory.
Contact: 785-864-3353, ben.duncan@ku.edu
Department: Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis
Ticket Cost: Free