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Using R and Lavaan for SEM (Seminar)

Sunthud Pornprasertmanit and Terrence Jorgensen

Saturday October 26, 2013
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Watson Library, 455
This seminar will extend the knowledge from the Introduction to R seminar. We will introduce model syntax, with examples of how to run a path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and latent regression model, as well as how to extract various kinds of output. Advanced topics include comparing nested models, using equality constraints across multiple groups or repeated measures, how to handle categorical indicators, and how to run models when data are missing. These topics will be addressed through hands-on activities with example data sets and R code templates that you can take and re-use for your future projects. Additionally, time will be available during breaks and for a short period after the seminar for individual consultations. Contact us by October 24th if interested
Contact: 785-864-3353, ben.duncan@ku.edu
Department: Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis
Ticket Cost: Free