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Introduction to Mplus (Seminar)

Aaron Boulton

Saturday October 19, 2013
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Watson Library, 455
Mplus is a powerful statistical modeling program that provides researchers from all disciplines with an array of tools for general data analysis. The program draws from a general modeling framework that allows for the evaluation of complex models using both observed and unobserved (i.e. latent) variables. The researcher is offered a wide variety of models, estimators, and algorithms to facilitate use, and Mplus readily accommodates differing variable types, missing data, and complex sampling designs. Furthermore, Mplus features a straight-forward programming language. The purpose of this seminar is to provide an introduction to Mplus for beginners while offering experienced users an additional perspective on program use and functionality. Attendees are assumed to have some familiarity with basic statistics including regression analysis. Knowledge of latent variable analysis (structural equation modeling) will enhance understanding but is not required. Contact us by October 17th if interested
Contact: 785-864-3353, ben.duncan@ku.edu
Department: Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis
Ticket Cost: Free