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Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Workshop: "Exploring the Emergence of Trans* Identity" (Seminar)

Liam Lair, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Wednesday October 09, 2013
12:30pm - 2:00pm
Hall Center, Seminar Room
Lair's project examines the development of the terms transvestite and transsexual (TV/TS) in the early 20th century. Using Michel Foucault's method of genealogy as a mode of discourse analysis, Lair is able to not only explore the context in which these terms emerged, but also what connections can be made between the terms TV/TS, sexology, juridical and legal apparatuses, and other seemingly irrelevant domains. As a method of inquiry, genealogy allows him to make connections that otherwise would remain in obscurity. Rather than focusing on what is behind the discourse or what is "really being said," genealogical methods require us to examine the statement as is, and to explore the discursive formations that make a particular statement possible. This talk will explore how genealogical methods can inform interdisciplinary research, allowing researchers to draw on diverse but related resources that may not appear connected in a more conventional disciplinary approach.
Contact: 785-864-4798, hallcenter@ku.edu
Department: Hall Center for the Humanities

Open to graduate students only. Lunch provided. RSVP required by October 2 to hallcenter@ku.edu.