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Central American Film Showcase: Las Cruces (film) (Film)

Thursday February 14, 2013
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 100 (Auditorium)
The film tells the story and fatal destiny of a community hidden in the mountains at the moment when a select group of seven guerrilla combatants, six men and one woman, bursts in on its life. It is the decade of the 1980s, and miraculously, Las Cruces has not suffered a direct attack, but its small population lives in fear that, like neighboring villages, it will be reduced to ashes without a single person or animal left alive. In recent months, guerillas operating near Las Cruces have been seriously beaten back and their communications have been disrupted. While the remainders of those forces seek to join other distant units, the peace process has begun outside the national boundaries. Everyone can see that while they will never celebrate Victory Day, the war is nevertheless coming to an end ...
Contact: 7858644213
Department: Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Ticket Cost: Free